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Who Are Your Course Presenters?

Your fun, friendly and knowledgeable course presenters will be Ana Vidal and Antoinette O’Connell ~ founders of Dragon Energy Center in Brazil. They specialise in energetic therapies and techniques that assist in restoring the well being of people, animals and the Earth.

Dragon Energy Center, located in Brazil.

To support all beings and the Earth in this process, they have co-created the Dragonlight Essences. They can connect you more fully to the Earth and the Universal frequencies which best suit you in your evolutionary process; helping you face your challenges and make any necessary changes in a positive and creative way.

The aim of Dragon Energy Center is to help people to become self–aware, self-confident and self-empowered. By doing this, you will learn to connect with your personal creative abilities and build a healthy, loving and harmonious lifestyle.

Get to know more about Ana and Antoinette below:

Ana Vidal - Co-Founder of Dragon Energy Center Brazil

Ana Vidal was born in Brazil and has lived in England since 1992. Her unique clearing and healing method combines the intuitive Brazilian style, as well as techniques she learned both in Brazil and the UK.

She works with hands on healing; a radionics board; pendulum; flower, crystal, and vibrational essences; as well as visualization techniques, and other combined shamanic and intuitive methods.

After a successful career in journalism in Brazil, she moved to England to work at the BBC World Service. Deciding to change paths, her next step was to work with refugees in London.

In an effort to help those who had undergone a very acute state of suffering, Ana set up a project for survivors of torture within The Refugee Arrivals Project.

In London, England, Ana studied Healing at the College of Psychic Studies and learned how to work with flower essences and other energetic techniques such as crystals and radionics, thus creating a unique style.

Her work is the result of several years working with refugees and survivors of torture. She focuses her work on helping to relieve the emotional, mental and physical pain of people. She gives courses and has clients in several countries.

In 2006 whilst working in Ireland, she met homeopath and essence maker Antoinette O’Connell; and together they started co-creating the Dragonlight Essences and founded the Dragon Energy Center in 2007, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Antoinette O'Connell - Co-Founder of Dragon Energy Center Brazil

Antoinette (Anto) O’Connell has been co-creating vibrational essences since 1997. Her research shows that essences have a more rounded approach and a gentle, stabilising effect on the body. For over 20 years, she has been treating people and animals, specialising in working with horses.

Early in her practice, Anto learned that each animal has a unique personality and – similarly to people – they all react differently in dealing with illness and accidents. The essences help them become happier and more relaxed; therefore they present less injuries or illnesses. She has been using her essences to treat both the psychological and physical problems of animals and their owners.

She trained and worked in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA. Anto worked in cooperation with veterinary clinics, looking after ill and injured animals. Her specialty is in their treatment, recovery and in training them back to fitness and health.

In her work, she also dealt with difficult and problematic animals for The Irish Horse Welfare Trust, where she treated and helped the recovery process of horses that had been mistreated and abused by their previous owners. She has spent many years researching different ways to help them.

In 1986, after a series of good results using homeopathy with her own animals, Anto decided to go and study at the Devon School of Homeopathy, in England. After graduating, she worked in Dublin and later became a director of The Irish School of Homeopathy where she taught for many years.

In 1990, Anto became a founding member of The Irish Society of Homeopaths. She also worked with the European Council of Homeopaths to write the core curriculum which is now used as the standard for teaching homeopathy in Europe and the USA. In 1999, she then moved into using her own essences (crystal, plants, trees and vibrational) in her practice.

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Student Testimonial

“I did Module I and II in April 2016 and almost immediately I started working with the Mandala, the Dragon Cards and the essences. I prepared one mandala with a specific purpose and I was very, very impressed because I got my answer while I was still working with it. My intention was to heal an organ of my body, and it did respond IMMEDIATELY. I was very impressed. The essences quickly changed the energy in my house. My personal energy changed and my life began to flow. It’s a fantastic tool. My deepest gratitude to the Dragons.”

Luciana Lomakine


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